Friday, November 20, 2009

What Would Willie Do?

Yesterday THE MAN busted me for posting a 1993 Willie Nelson MP3 that no one listens to anyway. I can't imagine that Mr. Nelson gives two shits about a 16 year old track being posted on a random website, and I also can't figure out why the record company does. Its not like people are running out to buy Across the Borderline. Its currently selling for $6.99 (US) on Amazon, and is rated #22,528 on Amazon's music sales list. Dudes, I'm giving you free advertising! Do you hire interns to scour the internets for old Willie Nelson MP3s? I'm baffled.

Bruce Robison - What Would Willie Do.mp3
Buy: Country Sunshine (2001)


toomuchcountry said...

I think Willie would use a page of that legal document as a rolling paper, light one up, and then tell these slimers to STFU.

Nelson said...

I agree with the above comment... I think that's exactly what Willie would do.

You think this sucks... wait until you get hassled for a track that you have explicit permission to post. That's happened to me several times now and the record labels are always just as baffled as I am.

simon2307 said...

What the other guys said

Crazy, makes me wonder if they've got some sort of quota to keep the RIAA and BPI of their case?