Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nine Bullets Radio: the RNC edition

Last week my buddy Bryan at NineBullets put together a radio show loosely themed "Fuck the RNC." The poor guy's hometown has been invaded by Republicans! Per Bryan:
Last night's show was a loosely themed "FUCK THE RNC" show. It's coming to town next week, closing our streets, closing our parks, and telling us what we are and aren’t allowed to do. All the while, they're sequestering themselves away for their own private circle jerk and telling us how happy we should be that they've graced us with their presence. I also brought the local band Bootleggers And Baptists into the studio in an effort to break up the rage. So take some time and put your ears on the archived stream of the show.
Below is the playlist for August 23, 2012 {Artist - Song [Album (year)]}

01. Todd Farrell – Nine Bullets Theme
02. Otis Gibbs – The Peoples Day
[One Day Our Whispers (2004)]
03. American Graveyard – Common Ones [Hallelujahland (2010)]
04. Chris Knight – Nothing On Me [Little Victories, released 9/11/2012]
05. The Drive-By Truckers – Putting People On The Moon [The Dirty South (2004)]
06. Soul Asylum – Gravity [Delayed Reaction (2012)]
07. Bootleggers And Baptists Live In The Studio
08. Great American Taxi – Blair Mountain [Paradise Lost (2011)]
09. Chuck Allen Floyd – Hard Times [Schedule A]
10. Bootleggers And Baptists Live In The Studio
11. Frank Turner – Glory Hallelujah [England Keep My Bones (2011)]

In the words of the mighty Todd Snider, "Know what scares people these days? Republicans. That, and Democrats."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Lucero Video

Actually, the only Lucero video. In their 14 years as a band, this is Lucero's first official video. Per Paste: "Although the band's been making music for 14 years, this is their first official music video. 'Our fans have made videos over the years, we've never made one ourselves until now,' lead singer Ben Nichols said. 'Why? Basically because we're unorganized and lazy.'" And, once again, Ben Nichols tells the story of my life.

Several weeks ago the band put a call out for fans to show up at some location south of Memphis in northern Mississippi. This video was the result of that call. It's basically a big party, and essentially exactly what happens at a Lucero show, but without the pond. (Edit: I can't speak for all Lucero shows, but previous the gigs in Toronto and Boston have not had ponds.) My favorite part of the video is when drummer Roy Berry adds a "Y" to the end "Lucero" painted on the van, to read "Roy Rules." Then he does a vile jello shot with a chaser of Budweiser. Awesome. The only thing that video director should have done differently is splice some live footage of the band performing between party scenes. Or is that too 80s?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

There will be moshing on Mars

Source: Horns Up Rocks

Today in weird music news, Anthrax became the first metal band played on Mars by the Curiosity rover. I pulled this article from the Facebook group "I Fucking Love Science." Of course it begs the questions as to why a robot needs a wake-up call. Or is it that the Mars scientists are closet metal-heads? Regardless, I want the Mars robot DJ gig. Anyone have an in at NASA?

Ever wondered what the first metal band played by the Curiosity rover on Mars would be? Wonder no more! On day 6 Anthrax became the first metal band played on Mars by Curiosity, when their 1990 track ‘Got the Time’ was played on the Martian
surface as part of Mars rover Curiosity’s daily wake-up playlist.

As Anthrax's Scott Ian put it: "yes, there will be moshing on Mars."

The first metal band played on Mars was by Opportunity in 2004 - on day 12 the rover played Motörhead's 'Leaving Here' while it went for its first drive.

The people who choose the playlist clearly have a great sense of humour - The Mars rover Spirit played 'I Touch Myself' by the Divinyls when the rover examined itself with instruments on day 92.

Other music Curiosity has played: ‘Echelon’ by 30 Seconds To Mars; The Beatles ‘Good Morning Good Morning’; Good Morning, Good Morning from Singin' in the Rain; the Star Wars theme; the theme from "Mission Impossible"; Break on Through by The Doors; Got My Mind Set on You by George Harrison; Simon and Garfunkel's cover of the Everly Brothers' "Wake Up Little Susie"; Come Fly with Me by Frank Sinatra; and Wagner’s ‘The Ride Of The Valkyries’.

You can check out the morning playlists for Mars rovers Opportunity and Spirit here:

Anthrax - Got the Time
Buy: Persistence of Time (1990)

Motörhead - Leaving Here
Buy: Bomber (2001)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nine Bullets Radio 8.16.2012

I missed Nine Bullets Radio on Thursday night, so I am going to listen to it right now. Won't you join me? Stream

Playlist for August 16, 2012 [Artist - Song (Album)]

01. Todd Farrell – Nine Bullets (unreleased)
02. Austin Lucas w/ Glossary – Alone In Memphis (unreleased)
03. Chris Knight – In The Mean Time (Little Victories)
04. Shovels & Rope – Birmingham (O’ Be Joyful)
05. Spirit Family Reunion – 100 Greenback Dollar Bills (No Separation)
06. Bootleggers and Baptists – Flood Waters (unreleased)
07. Old Crow Medicine Show – Genevieve (Carry Me Back)
08. JKutchma & The Five Fifths – Used To Believe (Pastorals)
09. The Sumner Brothers – Toughest Man In Prison Camp (I’ll Be There Tomorrow)
10. Alone At 3AM – Another Round (Midwest Mess)
11. American Aquarium – Cape Fear River (Burn. Flicker. Die)
12. John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls – Christian Rock (Everything The Hard Way)
13. Arliss Nancy – Wrong Or Right (Dance To Forget)
14. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Port Authority Band
Buy: Bloudy Tenent Truth & Peace
15. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Picture Frames (unreleased)
16. Love & Rockets – No Big Deal (Love and Rockets)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Shark Week Sheet Music

Since this is a music blog, and since it is Shark Week, I shall now outdo Beck and post some sheet music.

If you are ever having a bad day at work, watch this video of some scientist standing in the water surrounded by bull sharks, and after he says, "If you don't move they won't attack," a shark bites the shit out of his leg. The first time I saw this video I nearly puked. Now you know your day wasn't nearly as bad as Dr. One Leg's was. And it's only $2.77 on Amazon!

Buy (DVD): Anatomy of a Shark Bite (2005)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eefin and Hambone - A Hee Haw Montage

I've been getting killed at work for the last two weeks, so I present to you this video montage complied from old episodes of Hee Haw. They just don't make good TV like this anymore.

I'm currently working on posts about Chuck Prophet, Adam Yauch, The Hold Steady, Kasey Anderson, and a bunch of others. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Snoop Lion

Did everyone else think that Snoop Dogg was full of shit when he decided to change his name to Snoop Lion and go into reggae? Snoop played his first show as Lion last night in Toronto, and so far the reviews are pretty good. And I'll be damned if the below track isn't one sweet summer reggae mix. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lion will do next.