Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Those Darlins

My current vote for best new artist of 2009 is Those Darlins. These hard drinkin', hard rockin' ladies from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, put out a great country rock album this summer. The twelve tracks sound like they could have been recorded in their neighborhood bar, and for all I know, they were. All three of the Darlins (Kelly, Jessi, and Nikki) co-write and co-sing all of the songs. The songs are about the eternal country themes of love, drinking, love and drinking, craziness, Mama, trains, binge eating while drunk, and living in the sticks. Unfortunately no songs about prison. Maybe next album. They are unpolished, raw, and wild. How country music should be.

Red Light Love.mp3
Wild One.mp3
Whole Damn Thing.mp3
Buy: Those Darlins (2009)


Anonymous said...

i wasn't a big fan until I saw them live at the Scion Garage Fest this year but now I'm on board. Check out my post on their gig in Portland. Thanks for sharing! INdy

Unknown said...

I second this! thanks Aimz!