Friday, November 6, 2009

Trending Marshall Tucker

(Note: drunk post)

The blogger at A Truer Sound and I are trying to make Marshall Tucker a trending topic on twitter (#MarshallTucker), without spreading any rumors about death. Two jackasses twittering does not a trending topic make. Help please!

The Marshall Tucker Band had its heyday in the 1970s with hits on both the rock and country charts. According to our friends at Wikipedia, they still tour and play about 150 to 200 gigs a year. In fact, they play tonight at the Youkey Theater in Lakeland, Florida.

Check out A Truer Sound's excellent write-up of the 1975 album Searchin' for a Rainbow.

Don't forget: #MarshallTucker

Searchin' for a Rainbow.mp3
Can't You See (Live).mp3
Buy: Searchin' for a Rainbow (1975, reissued 2004)



Truersound said...

This is the second best Marshall Tucker post on all of the internet!

Anonymous said...

Since both of the Caldwell brothers are already dead, you probably don't have much to go on if you want to do death stories.