Monday, November 9, 2009

Matthew Ryan Video: City Life

A few weeks ago Matthew Ryan sent out a facebook message asking his fans to participate in his upcoming video. After e-mailing the posted address, I received a little jpg "Paper Ryan" (see left). Unfortunately for me, the color printers at home and at work were both broken, so I had to print B&W Paper Ryan. And I couldn't get any good Toronto-centric shots as it was raining and cold the entire week preceding the deadline. Regardless, two of my photos made the cut! Whoo-Hooo! The video for the song "City Life" came out today.

Ryan's latest album Dear Lover came out last week. You can listen to it streaming on his web site, or order it directly from his web site. Mine just arrived a day ago (lousy international shipping) and I haven't had a chance to fully digest it yet, but so far I like what I am hearing.

And here's one of my photos that didn't make the cut. Understandably, as its sort of obnoxious. Its me vaccinating Paper Ryan against the H1N1.

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