Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Americano

On this fine day I am very happy that all of you read my blog! I really enjoy my blogging hobby, and I am so glad that you drop by! I am spending the holiday in Detroit Rock City hanging out with Kid Rock, Eminem, and my family. My folks are morning people, which means that we are registered to do the Turkey Trot at 7 freakin' a.m. this morning, which I am not thankful for. However, I am thankful that Thanksgiving cocktails start immediately after the run.

Here are the only two Thanksgiving songs that I can think of. The first I posted a few weeks ago, and while it isn't exactly a Thanksgiving song, the third verse perfectly describes the Rockstar family back in the day.
Now granny she's yelling.
She's ready to eat.
She's havin' conniptions.
Cause they won't take their seats.
But she's got 'em all gathered
now under one roof.
With her camcorder loaded.
She's gonna get proof.
"But do you have to wear that?"
"Well I just don’t see why."
"Please pass the potatoes."
"Aw, eat shit and die."
"Did you hear about Ellen?"
"She’s leaving, you know"
"How 'bout those Packers?"
"Think it’ll snow?"
And the minute it's over
They'll scatter like quail.
Off down the freeway
in the teeth of a gale.
Silent and shattered
and numb to the core.
They count themselves lucky
they got through one more holiday.
James McMurtry - Holiday.mp3
Buy: Childish Things (2005)

Eric Rhame is a folksinger from Duluth, Minnesota, who frequently writes about life in the upper Midwest, like how friggin' cold it is next to Lake Superior. This song is the only true Thanksgiving song that I know of, and it perfectly describes the Midwest family Thanksgiving experience. The other track has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but I just like it! He has a gig coming up in Superior, Wisconsin, on Dec. 4. I also happen to know that he just got himself hitched. Congrats Eric! And thanks for letting me use your tunes.

Thanksgiving Day.mp3
Tahoe to Texas.mp3
Buy: Timber and Steel (2008)

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