Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Music of LOST: Season 1

I admit it. I'm one of those geeks who can't wait for the start of LOST Season 6 tonight. Its really the only TV show that I watch, and I fully blame my buddy Gorrck's wife Sa-Rock for getting me addicted at the start of Season 2 (when the castaways were trying to find out what was in "The Hatch").

Last year I started a project where I was going to re-watch all of the previous LOST episodes, take detailed notes, and start a LOST reading and song list. The LOST writers, editors, producers, whoever do a really good job at using music and literature to enhance the scenes as well as the mythology. Well, I only got through Season 1. So here is my Season 1 reading and song list. Yeah, I know I can look up all of this on Lostpedia, but its more fun to do this yourself. I'll try to get through the next four seasons by the end of Season 6.

Spin has a fun list of the 12 Best Musical Moments from LOST (all five seasons), which includes songs written specifically for the show.

LOST Season 1 Reading List
1. Lewis Carroll - Alice In Wonderland (orig. 1865)
Episode 5 is entitled "White Rabbit."

2. Richard Adams - Watership Down (orig. 1972)
Sawyer is reading it on the beach in Episodes 5 & 8.

3. Madeline L'Engle - A Wrinkle in Time (orig. 1962)
Sawyer reading it on the beach in Episode 18.

LOST Season 1 Music List
1. Patsy Cline - Leavin' On Your Mind.mp3
Buy: Patsy Cline - 12 Greatest Hits (1990)
In Episode 3 this song is playing in Ray's (Australian farmer) truck while he drives Kate to the train station.

2. Joe Purdy - "Wash Away (Reprise)"
From: Julie Blue (2004)
Episode 5, this songs plays from Hurley's headphones, and as the closing music.

3. The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever"
From: Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
Charlie's tattoo is a lyric from this song: "Living is Easy with Eyes Closed."

4. Billy Bragg - "The Internationale" (Bragg's arrangement)
From: The Internationale (1990)
Lyrics are incorporated into Jack's speech in Episode 6, "We'll live together or we'll die alone."

5. The Animals - "House of the Rising Sun" (The Animals arrangement)
From: 1964 single
Episode 6 is titled "House of the Rising Sun."

6. Willie Nelson - Are You Sure.mp3
From: Nashville Was the Roughest (1998, out of print)
Episode 8, playing from Hurley's headphones during the closing music.

7. Blind Boys of Alabama - "I Shale Not Walk Alone" (Ben Harper cover)
From: Higher Ground (2002)
Episode 9 closing music as Sayid walks away.

8. Bizet, Carmen - "Intermezzo"
Episode 10, the tune from Danielle Rousseau's music box.

9. Perry Como - "Catch a Falling Star"
From: 1957 single
Episode 11, Claire's dad sang it to her as child.

10. Pete Townshend album - All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982)
Episode 11 title is a modification of this album name. "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"

11. Charles Trenet - "La Mer"
From: 1943 single
In Episode 12, Rousseau writes the lyrics on her map, and Shannon sings the song in French to Sayid.

12. Damien Rice - Delicate.mp3
Buy: O (2003)
Episode 17, this song plays on Hurley's discman when the player runs out of batteries.

13. James Brown - "I Got You (I Feel Good)"
From: 1965 single
Hurley sings it to try to get the baby to stop crying in Episode 21.

14. Bruce Springsteen - "Born to Run"
From: Born to Run (1975)
Title of Episode 22

15. Bob Marley - "Redemption Song"
From: Uprising (1979)
Sawyer sings it on the raft in final episode of season 1 (Episode 24).


Sarah said...

Are you seriously going to do that for all the seasons? Ay dios Mio!
That is a lot of work. And a nice excuse to rewatch....

Truersound said...

I never understood why Hurley had a discman. He's a millionaire, he can't afford an iPod?

Ryan Export said...

Wow, good luck with this list. I forgot how much good music LOST has. I just remembered Jack all strung out listening to Scentless Apprentice. By far my fav moment.

Hunk said...

It's not impossible to do but yeah it will took some time to add the music of all the Lost seasons.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, brotha!