Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zip City

My buddy at A Truer Sound Twittered me the #DBTfan #Fail the other night for not listing the below song in my Drive-By Truckers Top 5. Frown. My top 5 DBT tracks (subject to change):

1. Women Without Whiskey
2. Lookout Mountain
3. Carl Perkins Cadillac
4. Danko/Manuel
5. Sink Hole

The Truckers have a new CD/DVD combo Live from Austin Texas which was just released on July 7. The DVD was filmed at Austin City Limits during the Brighter Than Creations Dark tour in 2008. Also look for a release of the Truckers "oddities and rarities" on September 1 called The Fine Print. You can hear a few of the songs on the Truckers web site.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Is there anyone cooler or more bad-ass than Mike Cooley?

"I got 350 heads on a 305 engine
I get ten miles to the gallon
I ain't got no good intentions"

Zip City.mp3
Buy: Southern Rock Opera (2002)


Truersound said...

you still won't admit Zip City is the greatest DBT song of them all :(

I am thoroughly enjoying the new live album BTW....can't wait for The Fine Print. Been wanting decent versions of them doing "Play It All Night Long" and "Mama Bake A Pie" for years now!

simon2307 said...

The new CD/DVD is great.
I want a shirt like Cooley's.

Angie M. said...

Enjoy your blog. Found you through Certain Songs. I'm a DBT fan too and have a few of their albums in my library. Btw, I'm @indiereads (the chick who said she liked your bike rage tweets.) I notice you're on and I just friended you as indierains.

Autopsy IV said...

no Zip City in the Top 5.....#Fail indeed.