Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sara Smile

Very non sequitur after my holiday posts, but how about some old school Hall & Oates! Oh yeah...

Sara Smile.mp3
Buy: Daryl Hall & John Oates (1975, remastered with bonus tracks 2008)

Do What You Want, Be What You Are.mp3
Buy: Bigger Than Both of Us (1976, remastered 2008)

Hall & Oates also put out a new live CD/DVD in 2008. John Oates put out a solo CD in 2008. Daryl Hall has a monthly web show called Live from Daryl's House which features him with up-and-comping or veteran musicians showcasing their tunes from his home in New York or London, with future shows scheduled from his other homes in Maine and the Bahamas (homeboy made some money in the 80s!). Next episode to air December 15, 8:00 pm, eastern time. And, Hall and Oates played The Daily Show last Thursday (12/11/08). Can we say comeback?

Buy: Daryl Hall & John Oates-Live at the Troubadour(CD/DVD, 2008)
Buy: John Oates - 1000 Miles of Life (2008)

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The Management said...

Yeah we are definitely about the same age, listened to the hell out of Rock & Soul Pt. 1 in 1983-4-ish. Second tape I ever bought if I remember right after MJ - Thriller.