Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rocktober 31st!

Jay-O-Lantern. Someone dared me to carve this.
On the last day of Rocktober Elliott Brood gave to me....31 more years of Rocktober!

Elliott Brood - 31 years.mp3
Buy: Mountain Meadows (2009)

I selected this song for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that there are very few song with the number 31 in them. Elliott Brood is a trio based out of Toronto who describe themselves as "death country." Perfect for Halloween. Listen to that evil banjo creek along in the background. Chilling. Burrr.

If you need more Halloween tunes, check out A Truer Sound, where he has posted not one, not two, but three comps of tricks and treats.

Yesterday The Bottle Rockets posed something cryptic on their Facebook/Twitter accounts: "don't wanna jinx it, but, it's lookin' like January may be bringing a surprise you'll probably never expect. We sure didn't. Stay tuned..." To which, of course, people started speculating about an Uncle Tupelo reunion. They replied, "Kids, this is a great time to start spreading rumors..." Holy crap! An Uncle Tupelo reunion would either be incredibly awesome or a colossal alt country disaster. Regardless, if this happens, I want to be there in the front row.

Or, since it was on the Bottle Rockets' sites, it could be a Coffee Creek reunion, which would be equally spectacular. Coffee Creek was a short-lived Uncle Tupelo side project which featured Brian Hanneman of the Bottle Rockets. They had four total shows, all in the basement of Cicero's in St. Louis (where I used to hang out in the late 90s). They played mostly country and punk coves.

Or, none of these reunions could happen and it may just be a cool new album or gig or something. I honestly can't see Farrar and Tweedy getting back together after all these years, but what the fuck do I know.

Since I tortured you with that evil Jay Farrar pumpkin, here are some slightly evil tunes that will get you excited about potential reunions. Next year I'm carving Craig Finn. The Jay-O-Lantern is staring at me through my windows and freaking me out. Time to lose that candle...

Jay Farrar - Lucifer Sam.mp3
From: Stone Steel & Bright Lights (2004, CD out of print, but you can find it digitally everywhere)

Uncle Tupelo - Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down.mp3
From: Live Bootleg, Blue Note, Columbia, Missouri (April 29, 1994)

Coffee Creek - I Wanna Destroy You.mp3
From: Live Bootleg, Cicero's, St. Louis, Missouri (June 11, 1992)


Amy Nash said...

The Jay-O'Lantern is awesome!!!

D. said...

Suspense is over - the BoRox are touring with Marshall Crenshaw, opening and backing him up. I've seen MC cover 'Kit Kat Clock' -- it's a great matchup.