Monday, November 1, 2010

November: Guitar Month

I am declaring November to be Guitar Month! Mainly because I bought myself a guitar as a birthday present to myself last year, and I still can't play the damn thing. I will spend November building upon the three chords that I already know. My friends in Toronto, please consider buying earplugs.

Let's get Guitar Month started with a free live mix from Suburban Home Records!

Download here.

Track List:
1. Austin Lucas - Somebody Loves You
2. Michal Schnabel - Bury the Maps
3. Tim Barry - Bozeman
4. I Can Lick and Sonofabitch in the House - Swear to God
5. Chad Price - This War
6. Lizzie Huffman - Heavy Hearts.mp3
7. Jon Snodgrass - Fire and Flood (with Two Cow Garage)
8. Rob Coe - High and Outside
9. The Gamits - Love Suicidal
10. Two Cow Garage - Glass City
11. Drag the River - Medicine
12. Tim Barry - This November
13. Chad Price - Your Voice is Music
14. I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House - Westboro Baptist Church.mp3 (with Two Cow Garage)
15. Austin Lucas - Man Alive
16. Drag the River - Losing Everyone
17. Jon Snodgrass - Mexican Song
18. The Gamits - Never Before Noon
19. Rob Coe - All This and More (Dead Boys cover)
20. Michal Schnabel - Stupid Kid (Alkaline Trio cover)
21. Lizzie Huffman - Oh My Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams cover)
22. Two Cow Garage - Ohio (Neil Young)

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