Friday, October 29, 2010

Rocktober 26 to 28: We're Almost There....

Rocktober!  Get it?  No?!  Ok....I'll go stand over there...
On the 26th day of Rocktober Shel Silverstein gave to me...a 26 second song! Actually, this song is 27 seconds.

My Morning Jacket - 26 Second Song.mp3
Buy: Twistable Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute to Shel Silverstein (2010)

On the 27th day of Rocktober Drew Kennedy gave to me...a hotel room from the perspective of a somewhat sketchy, but earnest, front desk clerk.

Drew Kennedy - Room #27.mp3
Buy: An Audio Guide to Cross Country Travel (2009)

I discovered Kennedy's music via an interview he did with my colleague at Farce the Music. I am immediately a fan of anyone who can put up with that kind of jackassery. The fact that his music is fantastic is a bonus. If you go to Kennedy's web site, you will see a free music tab on the far right where you can download a live acoustic album, Alone, But Not Lonely. As Kennedy says on his web site, "If you like what you hear, come see me at a show, pick up a copy of my last studio record, An Audio Guide To Cross Country Travel, tell a friend where they can download the album. And if you don’t dig what you hear, at least it didn’t cost you anything."

On the 28th day of Rocktober, Tim Barry gave to of the best albums of 2010!

Tim Barry - (Memento Mori).mp3
Buy: 28th & Stonewall (2010)

I hope people remember this album when they write out their 2010 best-of lists. 28th & Stonewall came out in January, and it seems to me that people often forget about early releases when making their yearly lists. 28th & Stonewall refers to an intersection in Barry's home town of Richmond, Virginia, and I would love to know about the significance of this particular corner. I've had the pleasure of seeing Barry twice in the last year, in February with Chuck Ragan and in July with the Gaslight Anthem. He's playing Toronto again on Nov. 16 at the Wrongbar, but I don't think I am going to go. I love Barry's music and he puts on an amazing show, but when I saw him at the Wrongbar with Ragan, I got my ass kicked by moshers and other assholes. I'm a small girl who doesn't appreciate a foot in the face. The next day I had tons of bruises all over me. And Wrongbar security was nonexistent. Sorry Tim, but I'll have to catch you next time, and hopefully you will play at a better venue.

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