Friday, October 1, 2010

Rocktober 1st

On the first day of Rocktober, James Hetfield gave to me, "One" by Metallica.

I was going to post the MP3, but I'm sure their label would file a copyright infringement complaint against me, and I don't need that shit. Remember when they sued Napster in 2000, and then you got to see Lars Ulrich's multi-million dollar art collection in Some Kind of Monster? That movie sucked, but it didn't suck as much as the two albums Metallica has released post Monster.

Back to the subject at hand, Rocktober. I was 17 when this video came out, Iraq War numero uno was in full swing thanks to George HW Bush, and this video completely blew my fucking mind. Then I found the book at a used book store, stayed up all night reading it, and my 17-year-old brain melted. Sorry the quality is crap, but Warner Bros won't let bloggers embed the official video. Lars apparently needs more art.

Synchronized headbanging at 4:39!

Buy Book: Dalton Trumbo - Johnny Got His Gun (orig. 1939)

Buy CD: Metallica - ...And Justice For All (1990)

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Wienerus Maximus said...

Megadeth with Marty Friedman and Dave Mustaine had far better guitar playing than Metallica ever did!