Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scott Miller, Sept. 28, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

I usually scan my ticket stub, but since this show was free I scanned Miller's promo material.
Scott Miller was screwed before he even got to Toronto. First, all of his stuff was stolen after the previous night's gig in Buffalo. To quote Miller, "Fuck Buffalo." He played his mini set at the Horseshoe Tavern, part of the free "Dave Bookman’s Nu Music Nites," with borrowed gear. Next, his set was placed between two local bands, and most of the audience members were there to see the first or the third act, and didn't pay attention to his set at all. The audience annoyingly chatted loudly, and maybe ten of us were actually paying attention to Miller. The 'Shoe should have had Miller play first. You can't blame Miller for being somewhat grumpy given that the world seemed to be conspiring against him that night.

Regardless, Miller pressed on with a way-too-short 45 minute acoustic set. He's a funny dude, and even picked on the audience at one point. "Did y'all come in one car?" He told stories about his songs, and mostly took requests. See the below video for the history behind the song "Ciderville Saturday Night." He even pulled out an early Christmas song saying, "I hate babies, but I love the baby Jesus. He's my second favorite Jew after Sammy Davis, Jr." Look for the Christmas album sometime after Thanksgiving (that's the end of November for you Canadians).

1. I Won't Go With You
2. I Made a Mess of This Town
3. Freedom's a Stranger
4. Mary (The V-Roys)
5. 8 Miles a Gallon (live).mp3
Buy: Reconstruction (2007)
6. Yes Virginia (?, from a forthcoming Christmas album)
7. Ciderville Saturday Night
8. Across the Line
9. Daddy Raised a Boy
10. Drunk All Around
11. Amtrak Crescent

Below you can download the song "Appalachian Refugee," a beautiful track from the 2009 album For Crying Out Loud.

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toomuchcountry said...

SWEET BASIL! Did Buffalo steal The Commonwealth too???

Neat story re: Ciderville. Hadn't heard that one before. And I've been to Clinton and live near Nashville. Go figure. But the ginormous WSM-AM clear channel radio tower used to broadcast the Grand Ol' Opry is about 10 min from our house. So I got that going for me.