Saturday, September 25, 2010

NQ Arbuckle, September 19, Dakota Tavern, Toronto

Ever been at a bar or a show and you saw someone who was so embarrassingly drunk that you felt badly for them? I'm pretty sure that was me last Sunday night. My good friends Jen and Ryan got themselves hitched last Sunday, September 19. After their spectacular wedding and me drinking my weight in wine at the reception, I grabbed a cab to the Dakota Tavern to catch the last two of sets of a gig by NQ Arbuckle.

I don't have a lot to say about the show other than it rocked, and I danced and sang along like an idiot. My buddy Steffen took a set list and e-mailed it to me the next day. Steffen took the above photo and some other bitchin' photos at He also essentially saved my life by lending me $20 so I could get home that night. I'm such a waste-oid.

Glad you made it home ok! Setlist below - for the set you didn't see and the songs you don't remember seeing. -Steffen

Set 1:
1. Saskatoon Tonight
2. Officer Down
3. Cheap Town
4. Sleepy Wife
5. Marco Polo
6. Anyhow, I Love You [Guy Clark]
7. Sun’s Hanging Low
8. Part of a poem by Alden Nowlan called Ypres: 1915
9. Mixkin Dancehall Blues
10. Windfall [Son Volt]

Set 2:
1. Punk Rocker.mp3
Buy ( Hanging the Battle-Scarred Pinata (2002)
Buy (Maple Music): Hanging the Battle-Scarred Pinata (2002)
2. Huntsville Affair
3. Fireworks
4. Walls Are So Thin
5. Song for Kathleen O'Hara
6. Angels And Devils
7. When I Come Back
8. Outside The Stars
9. I Liked You Right From The Start > The Gambler [Kenny Rogers] > You Can’t Always Get What You Want [Rolling Stones]
10. Snake Farm [Ray Wylie Hubbard]

Set 3:
1. Sleepy Wife
2. I Can See The Moon.mp3
Buy ( Last Supper in a Cheap Town (2006)
Buy (Maple Music): Last Supper in a Cheap Town (2006)
3. You Look Like A Wreck
4. X O K
5. Atlantic City [Bruce Springsteen]
6. My Baby
7. Don’t Remember Me.mp3
Buy ( X O K (2009)
Buy (Maple Music): X O K (2009)
8. Postcard From Princess
9. Downtime
10. In Another Time > Record Body Count [Rheostatics]
11. Goodnight Irene On New Year's Eve

1. Danko/Manuel [Drive-By Truckers]
2. Skydive Home

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