Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Tunz: The Lincoln Bedroom

A few months ago I was digging through my disaster of an inbox, and I came across this snappy little alt country/rock band from Los Angeles. Now before you roll your eyes and say, "Alt country from Los Angles? As if!" Just remember the the godfather of country/rock, Gram Parsons, became famous from his work with The Byrds in Los Angeles. Allow me to introduce The Lincoln Bedroom.

This band was formed by "Picker" David Richman, who started out in a Hollywood indie rock band before heading to Nashville to go to law school at Vanderbilt. He wrote a bunch of songs in Nashville, went back to Los Angeles, took a job with the Los Angeles district attorney (“strangest day job in rock”), and formed a band. Having an advanced degree and being a "professional" in the so-called real world is something that I can relate to. In addition to Richman on vocals and guitar, the band is rounded out by Isaac Laskin "pluckin'" (guitar and vocals), Ben Woodlock "thumpin'" (bass, keyboards, and vocals), and Mann Baldanza "thwackin'" (drums). To my ears, The Lincoln Bedroom blends a bit of punk with a bit of country, kind of like the mid-1990s Old 97's. Their lyrics are full of self-depreciation with themes of lost love and booze. They also do a mean cover of Marty Robbins's "Big Iron."

You can purchase their debut album Broken Record directly off of their web site.

Help Me Get Some Life Back Into This Heart of Mine.mp3

I Just Want to See Her Face Again.mp3

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