Monday, October 4, 2010

Rocktober 4th

On the fourth day of Rocktober, the Old 97's gave to me, a four leaf clover. But it ain't done one single lick of good. I'm still a drunk I'm still a loser, living in a lousy neighborhood.

One of my favorite songs from one of my Top 5 desert island albums. And how bad-ass is Excene Cervenka on secondary vocals?

Four Leaf Clover.mp3
Buy: Too Far to Care (1997)

The Old 97's release their eighth studio album The Grand Theatre Volume One on Oct. 12, and have a bunch of tour dates scheduled for December and January (none in Toronto, pout).


simon2307 said...

One of my favourite Old 97 tracks, looking forward to hearing the new album.

The Bad Day movie on Exene's site looks very interesting, cheers for posting.

toomuchcountry said...

Aimz - noticed over the weekend Exene is now on Twitter.