Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Poutine

On this Thanksgiving Canadienne weekend I am very thankful that I get to see one of my favorite live bands tonight, Okkervil River. I am very grateful that this will be the fourth time in 13 months that I have seen them (Sept. 21, 2007; Sept. 22, 2007; April 9, 2008 - I didn't write a review, but Okkervil River opened for the New Pornographers, and blew the New Pornos off of the stage. Note to touring bands - try to get an opener that isn't going to upstage you.) I am especially thankful that I have seen/will get to see four of the best live acts within a span of one month (The Sadies Oct. 3/4, Okkervil River Oct. 12, Drive-By Truckers Nov. 11, The Hold Steady Nov. 11 - I know you are jealous).

The Toronto Star had a good article today on Okkervil River, which contained a short interview with lead singer Will Sheff. Towards the end of the article Mr. Sheff wonders if Canadians have poutine for Thanksgiving dinner. Since I am not Canadian, I cannot answer this question, but I can tell Mr. Sheff that he can find the best poutine in Toronto at the chip trucks on Queen St. in front of city hall.

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