Friday, October 3, 2008

Intro to The Sadies

The Sadies are my favorite (or favourite) Canadian band. I attempted to make a sampler of their music, but as you can see I drew heavily off of their live album. This is because the only way to truly appreciate The Sadies is to see them live. Even this live album does not do them justice. They are incredible musicians, and its nothing for them to pop out 30-35 tracks in one high-energy show. The band is lead by brothers Dallas and Travis good who alternate on lead guitar and lead vocals. Sean Dean and Mike Belitsky round out a kick-ass rhythm section. Guests usually stop by during their shows, including Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, Jon Langford of the Mekons, Neko Case, and heck, every time I have seen them live, Dallas and Travis's mother Margaret makes a guest appearance to sing lead or backup (see "Before I Wake"). And, its impossible to categorize The Sadies. If you like rock, surf rock, country, alt country, psychedelic, bluegrass, gospel, or garage rock, this band (and this sampler) has something for you.

The Sadies are playing tonight and tomorrow night at The Horseshoe (see "The Horseshoe"), which happens to be in my 'hood in Toronto. I'll be there!

01 Introduction.mp3 - New Seasons (2007)
02 Why Be So Curious (Part 3).mp3 - Favourite Colours (2004)
03 Dying Is Easy.mp3 - In Concert, Vol. 1, Disc 1 (2006)
04 Pretty Polly.mp3 - Precious Moments (1998)
05 The Trial.mp3 - New Seasons (2007)
06 Of Our Land.mp3 - Stories Often Told (2002)
07 Taller Than the Pines.mp3 - In Concert, Vol. 1, Disc 1 (2006)
08 Before I Wake.mp3 - Tremendous Efforts (2001)
09 The Horseshoe.mp3 - Tales of the Rat Fink (2006)
10 The Story's Often Told.mp3 - Stories Often Told (2002)
11 Anna Leigh.mp3 - New Season (2007)
12 Uncles Larry's Breakdown.mp3 - In Concert, Vol. 1, Disc 1 (2006)
13 Lucifer Sam.mp3 - In Concert, Vol. 1, Disc 2 (2006)
14 Higher Power.mp3 - Pure Diamond Gold (1999)
15 Ridge Runner Rag.mp3 - Tremendous Efforts (2001)
16 Tiger Tiger.mp3 - In Concert, Vol. 1, Disc 1 (2006)

You can buy The Sadies albums and MP3's from Maple Music, or from Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Dude, if you are truly are a fan, you wouldn't be giving away so much of their music - doesn't help them one bit. A few songs would suffice.

Rockstar Aimz said...

Anonymous dude, I value your opinion, but I do not agree with it. The Sadies have such a depth of styles that I felt 16 tracks barely covered their sound. And its not like The Hold Steady or some other "it" band where you can go to Hype Machine and find every track from their new album. Its even hard to find some of the Sadies albums in Canadian record stores. They, unfortunately, have a very niche audience, and I have hopefully broadened it somewhat with this post. However, each song has only been downloaded an average of seven times, and four of those were by my friends, so I am not too concerned about "giving away so much of their music." That being said, these links have been up a while, so I am going to take them down today. Thanks for commenting.