Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Epic Crap Tuesday

I hear this song occasionally on Q107's "Psychedelic Psunday." Its so weird and trippy, you have to wonder what these guys were smoking when they recorded it. According to allmusic, Focus is a Dutch band that was formed in Amsterdam in 1969 (hence the access to the good drugs). "Hocus Pocus" actually cracked the US pop charts in 1973, reaching #9 (#20 in the UK).

If you like "heavy guitar riffs, neo-classical organ, and Alpine yodeling," then this song is for you.

Focus - Hocus Pocus.MP3


Garrick said...

I own the EP on CD. I believe Eric Johnson covered this in the late 90s.

Jeff at AM, Then FM said...

Oh, you really had to be there. Take it from someone older than dirt. It wasn't all that far out at the time, believe me.

djeffbland@msn.com said...

Jeff or Garrick I have been searching all over for the Hocus Pocus by Focus MP3. The one posted in this blog is the original that I want to include in a music game party I'm having. Can either of you send me this MP3 ??