Saturday, October 4, 2008

Missing: My Socks

Concert Review: The Sadies, Friday, October 3, The Horseshoe, Toronto

Friday of Aimz:
1. Accidentally set alarm for "p.m." and roll into work very late.
2. End up working until 10 p.m.
3. Change out of work cloths into jeans and my cleanest dirty shirt (which happened to be a Lucero T-shirt laying on my bedroom floor).
4. Run to the cash machine.
5. Have beer for dinner.
6. Lose my socks when they are rocked off by The Sadies.

The Sadies played, I shit thee not, 50 songs in just over two hours. They performed tracks from all over their 12+ years of recording, plus various covers by artists like The Kinks, The Flamin' Groovies, and Bob Wills. Of course, it isn't a Sadies show unless some other members of the Good family show up. This time Dallas and Travis's mother Margaret sang lead on a few songs and backed up a few others, and cousin Darcy joined in on the fiddle. Friend Matt Cameron joined in and sang some killer tunes including a blistering cover of "I Hate the Blues." And, much to my surprise and delight, local country singer Justin Rutledge joined in for the song "Still On My Mind."

I'm going back for part two tonight, where they promised to play at least 20 different tracks. This time I will bring an extra pair of socks.

Bob Wills - Stay a Little Longer.mp3
Dead Moon - I Hate the Blues.mp3
George Jones - You're Still On My Mind.mp3

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