Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Heart of Stone

Chris Knight is the most underrated songwriter in America. He has been picked up and dropped by the major labels all throughout his career. I had the privilege to see him perform and to meet him last year, and he was very humble and soft spoken. I'll take raw emotion and brilliant songwriting in a Kentucky trailer over Nashville radio bombastic hair gel, fake smile pop-crap like Rascal Flatts any day. I recommend his entire catalog.

Rural Route.mp3
Buy: Enough Rope (2006)
Brilliant 5-star album. Not a bad track on it.

My Only Prayer.mp3
Buy: The Trailer Tapes (2007)
Knight recorded these tracks by himself in his single-wide trailer near Slaughter, Kentucky, back in 1996, and finally got to officially release them last year. Stripped-down and very raw, but still amazing.

Heart Of Stone.mp3
Buy: Heart of Stone (2008)
From his August 19 release. Let me know what you think of it!

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