Friday, October 10, 2008

Fight Songs

Ever been in a terrible situation where you really need the comfort of friends and family, but its impossible for them to be there to help you? Thank god for music and MP3 players. I recently took comfort in an old friend, Fight Songs, by one of my favorite bands of all time, the Old 97's. (I can't believe that I haven't blogged about them yet. Yeah, I have only been a blogger for three months, but still.) This album was a departure from their previous releases of hard rockin' alt country tracks and contains a lot more power pop and rock tunes, but it retains the 97's strong lyrics and song writing. This album also contains the only song from the 97's catalog that got some mainstream radio play, "Murder (Or A Heart Attack)," which is funny to me as the song is about a cat. Here are some tracks that I took solace in during a rough patch.

Lonely Holiday.mp3
Busted Afternoon.mp3
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