Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashionable People

I've had the plague something fierce for the last week. It's so bad that I have to skip a beer festival tonight, and you all know how I feel about beer. So until I kick this batch of germs, instead of posting some mildly coherent and amusing musical anecdotes, I'm just gonna post some vids and some tunes.

Our good Canadian indie rock hero Joel Plaskett does a toddler version of "Fashionable People" with Mamma Yamma, a yam who represents Ontario on the CBC children's show Kids' Canada. You can follow Mamma Yamma on twitter.

Compare to the original by Joel and his band the Emergency.

Fashionable People.mp3
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1 comment:

Otter said...

This is so GREAT! Thanks for posting Plaskett + Kids' Canada video.

This used to be one of my least fav. Plaskett songs but now I have a whole new appreciation. :)