Sunday, February 19, 2012

Justin Timberlake does Bon Iver

Sure....the one night that I don't watch Saturday Night Live is the one night where they rip on every bit of music pop culture. No one is safe in this skit: hip-hop, pop, country, alternative rock, and celebrity in general all get skewered.

As my friend @curtsgianthead once said, "When you're hot you're hot, and when you're not you spend a lot of evenings on the internets." So I was at my computer last night, watching my twitter feed out of the corner of my eyeball, and saw Justin Vernon, Mr. Bon Iver himself, tweet some gold.
@blobtower: holy shit, i was just watching SNL and JT did a Bon Iver hilarious thing! Also, Maya Rudolph saying "bon iver" is enough. I can die now!!!

@blobtower: JT! SNL peeps… that was hilarious. Armisen as Prince… Also, i WISH i looked that good bald. That was it… the most surreal thing! ever!

@blobtower: my texts is blowin' up!!!

@blobtower: JT was playing that guitar part well! I was red-face-embarrassed but laughing my ass off the whole time! I'm by myself out here people! #!

@blobtower: to all the folks racing to our defense right now…i assure you… ITS ALL GOOD! #NobodyBeatUsUp #IsToTakeOurLivesLessSeriously #LaughingIsGood

"@TaylorFails: @blobtower I never thought I would hear so many people on television pronounce Bon Iver correctly." THAT WAS THE SHIT!
At the end of the show Timberlake held up a sign that said, "I <3 Bon Iver."

Imagine just hanging out on a Saturday night, watching a little TV, when all of a sudden Maya Rudolph, Jay Pharoah, and Justin Timberlake start making fun of you on live national television. Awesome! My favorite line, "Oh no. Bon Iver just put himself to sleep." That's something that I would say!

I have to admit that I am not crazy about Mr. Vernon's music, but after seeing him be so genuine and humble during his Grammy speech (not to mention a shout out to my home state of Wisconsin!), and take the SNL ribbing in stride (seriously, how cool is it to be made fun of by Justin freakin' Timberlake?), I kind of like the guy. I want to share a few Leinenkugel's with him.

Minnesota, WI.mp3
Buy: Bon Iver (2011)

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fontgurrl said...

I want to share some body fluids with JT. Oh, too far?