Thursday, March 4, 2010

OK Go: Update and New Video

About a month ago I posted a story about the band OK Go and how they were fighting with their label, EMI, about lettering bloggers and others embed their videos off of YouTube. Lead singer Damien Kulash even wrote an Op/Ed piece for the New York Times about how his band was between a rock and a hard place when it came to distributing their videos.

Now OK Go has released a second, "official," video for the song "This Too Shall Pass" off of their new album Of the Blue Color of the Sky. This video is embeddable, presumably because the making of the video was sponsored by State Farm Insurance. While I do find it a little weird that an insurance company is sponsoring the making of a music video from a relatively unknown band (maybe an executive's daughter is a huge fan or something?), the video itself is cool as hell!

The video is one giant Rube Goldberg machine. Geeks like me love shit like this. Geeks like me also read Wired, which had a nice write up on the making of the video. Basically, it took 55-60 people a month and a half to design and test the device. It takes roughly an hour to reset the entire thing. The finished video was filmed on a single shot, but it took more than 60 takes over two days to get right. Wired also shows four videos on the making of "Here is Goes Again," all of which can also be found on YouTube.

The video was released on March 1, and in the last four days it has had nearly 3 millions views (at least 10 by me).


Dangerbird said...

OK Go may be relatively unknown in your area, but they are quite big in other markets (such as Australia)

Rockstar Aimz said...

Thanks Dangerbird. You are correct. I should have said "relatively unknown in Canada." My bad.