Saturday, February 27, 2010

Men With Brooms

All of this Olympic curling talk made me dig out my DVD of the Canadian comedy Men With Brooms. Starring cutie Paul Gross, who also co-wrote and directed it, the movie follows four men trying to seek personal and professional redemption on the curling sheet. Throw in a love triangle, goofy Leslie Nielsen, a huge dude in a kilt, a cameo by the Tragically Hip, curling cheerleaders, and a flock o' beavers, and you have yourself one hell of a slice of Canadiana. The ironic part of this movie to me is that the actors have the worst curling form that I have ever seen! Its a really entertaining comedy, and recommended if you want to learn something about the coolest game on ice.

Buy (DVD): Men With Brooms (2002)

The soundtrack is really great too. It features Canadian artists like Kathleen Edwards, The New Pornographers, Our Lady Peace, The Tragically Hip, Matthew Good, Sarah Harmer, Tom Wilson, among others. It's available as an import on for $37.95, so order it below from for $14.99 Canadian, which is about the same in $US.

Buy ( Men With Broom Soundtrack (2002)

I don't actually own the soundtrack because I already have most of the songs from their original albums. Here is a little slice of Canada for you to enjoy.

Sarah Harmer - Silver Road.mp3
BuyAll of Our Names (2004)

Kathleen Edwards - Hockey Skates.mp3
Buy: Failer (2003)

Our Lady Peace - Life.mp3
Buy: Spiritual Machines (2000)

The Tragically Hip - Throwing Off Glass.mp3
Buy: In Violet Light (2002)

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dex. said...

Earlier in the Olympics, I told the internet that everything I knew about curling I'd learned from Men With Brooms! (I am not a Canadian. I had to learn about it somewhere.) Glad to see someone else loves like I do, and you're absolutely right about the soundtrack, which is just flawless. Hooray, curling!