Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Feel Bad for You Comp

Another fine comp from our good buddies at
You can download this comp as a zipped file for one week only. Enjoy!

1. Gun Club - "Mother Of Earth"
Miami (1982)
Comments: No altcountry collection complete without this early classic.

2. Doug Sahm - "You Was For Real"
The Return Of Wayne Douglas (2000)

3. Johnny Cash - Donut Ad.mp3
From: Celebrity Commercials Of The 50s and 60's (196?, out of print)
Comments: Live radio donut shop commercial from JC.

4. Johnny Powers - "Long Blond Hair, Rose Red Lips"
Lost and Found Rockabilly (1957)
Comments: rockabilly gold ...

5. Swing Set - "When Your Heart Stops Working"
The Great Shakes EP (2008)
Comments: This is a simple little pop song from one of my favorite unknown EPs from 2008.

6. Porchsleeper - "Three Hours"
So Much More Than This (2008)
Comments: Here's a song that perfectly encapsulates what it must be like to be in a lower tier rock band, the kind of band that isn't quite big enough to be talked about on ACT, the kind of band that doesn't make you enough money to be your primary source of income etc. "Another four band bill/ full of wannabes that never will."

7. Pleasant Grove - "Calculated Approaches"
The Art of Leaving (2004)
Comments: Never hear them mentioned much on ACT, save for the Texas buddies.

8. Psychic Stunts - "Wind Up The Sound"
Panic In Motion (2010)

9. Waylon Jennings - "Six Strings Away"
Jewels (1968)

10. The Haynes Boys - "Hell On Earth"
Guardian Angel (1996)
Comments: Tim Easton's old band, and this is one of my fav tunes from it (though there's many)!

11. The Wheat Pool - Right Arm.mp3
Buy: Hauntario (2009)
Comments: This album is altcountry at its finest (IMHO).

12. Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds - Khaki Dodgers.mp3
Buy: Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds (2010)
Comments: Local act that just released their debut album. This song is about Matt's grandmother (who attended his CD release show!) and grandfather. Loaded with Newfoundland cultural references too.

13. Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds - "Goodbye For Now"
Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds (2010)
Comments: The closing tune from the album.

14. Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - "Mais Que Nada"
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 (1966)

15. Asskickers - "One Horse Town"
The Other Side Of Town (2001)

16. Sammy - "Neptune Ave. (Ortho Hi Rise)"
Tales Of Great Neck Glory (1996)

17. Sparklehorse - "Its Not So Hard"
Dreamt for Light Years in a Belly of a Mountain (2006)
Comments: RIP ML

18. Clutch - "Cypress Grove"
Blast Tyrant (2004)

19. J.Period and K'naan - It's Alright, Ma (J.Period Remix).mp3
FromThe Messengers (2009)
Download entire album here.

20. Great American Taxi - "New Madrid"
Reckless Habits (2010)

21. Elephant Micah - "Hidden River Run"
Mayor of Rocky Ripple (2010)
Comments: Classic Elephant Micah song. I can't get it our of my head. Love the instrumentation on this one, which includes drums, electric guitar, and I believe a mandolin (or possibly a banjo). Cool lyrics too.

22. Elephant Micah - Independent Hearts.mp3
Buy: Mayor of Rocky Ripple (2010)
Comments: I've never liked guitar solos, but EM includes a great one in this song. For a guy whose bread and butter is solemn melancholy, he can pen an awesome electric-guitar rocker seemingly whenever he wants to. Impressive diversity.

23. Beck - "Broken Heart (Skip Spence cover, feat. Jeff Tweedy, Feist and Jamie Lidell)"
Oar (Record Club) (2009)

24. Sparklehorse - Dark as a Dungeon (Johnny Cash/Merle Travis cover).mp3
From: Cash Covered (2004, out of print)

25. A.A. Bondy - I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover).mp3
American Hearts EP outtakes (2007, unreleased)

26. Mickey Newbury - "Mobile Blue"
Frisco Mabel Joy (1971)

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