Friday, March 19, 2010

JTE originals

I've been on a classic country kick since I saw Justin Townes Earle in concert two weeks ago. Here are the original tracks of the songs that he covered.

Mance Lipscomb - So Different Blues.mp3
Buy (e-music): Texas Blues Guitar (1994)
I can't find when this was originally recorded, but I am going to guess the early 1960s.

Lightnin' Hopkins - My Starter Won't Start This Morning.mp3
From: Lightnin'! (1967, out of print)

The Carter Family - Gold Watch and Chain.mp3
From: Gold Watch and Chain: Their Complete Victor Recordings - 1933-1934
(1998, out of print)

Buck Owens - Close Up the Honky Tonks.mp3
Buy: Together Again/My Heart Skips a Beat (1964, reissued 1995)

The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait (alternate version).mp3
Buy: Pleased to Meet Me (1987, reissued 2008)
Yeah, yeah, I know this track isn't country, but too bad! The Replacements RULE!

Also, check out Justin Townes Earle on the Q (CBC Radio) podcast from March 8, 2010. He gives a really good interview, and plays "Poor Fool" with his band. The interview starts about 19-20 minutes into the podcast.

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Jeff said...

Interesting cut from Lightnin' Hopkins. Not sure which came first, but he used the same music for "Merry Christmas," which he cut in 1953. This is a more polished arrangement and, of course, different lyrics.