Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ralph Stanley: Man of Constant Sorrow

I was perusing the New York Times today at lunch and I came across an article about country music legend Ralph Stanley. Stanley is best known as a bluegrass artist, or as he calls it, "that old-time mountain music." He is 82-years young and still plays over 100 gigs a year. The NYT article previewed his autobiography, which goes on sale Thursday, October 15. Someone want to get their favorite blogger an early Christmas present???

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Stanley played with his late brother Carter in The Stanley Brothers and with various musicians in the Clinch Mountain Boys, an act that is still touring today.

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys - Man of Constant Sorrow.mp3
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Although he is mostly known for his unique banjo playing style, Stanley won a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance in 2002 for his a capella rendition of "O Death" from the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack.

Ralph Stanley - O Death.mp3
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Here's another cool one form the Rockstar collection. Ralph Stanley sings and plays banjo with Bob Dylan on the below track which is originally from Stanley's 1998 release, Clinch Mountain Country.

Bob Dylan with Ralph Stanley - The Lonesome River.mp3
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toomuchcountry said...

Man of constant sorrow? Will that be the label hung on your brother when you give him the Dylan Christmas CD?

Paul said...

Cool stuff. Thanks!