Saturday, October 17, 2009

Amazing Lineup Touring Spain

This poster was posted by The Sadies on Facebook yesterday and my jaw hit the floor. If I was independently wealthy I would be on the next plane to Madrid. Holy mother of pearl, what a lineup! If any of my fine readers happen to be from Spain, and happen to attend one of these shows, I will post your review on my blog, even if it is in Spanish. Or, even better, if you want to fly me to Madrid to attend this show, please contact me at rockstaraimz at gmail dot com. ¡Increíble!

John Doe & The Sadies - It Just Dawned On Me.mp3
Buy: Country Club (2009)

Magnolia Electric Co. - Whip-Poor-Will.mp3
Buy: Josephine (2009)

The Handsome Family - When You Whispered.mp3
Buy: Honey Moon (2009)


Truersound said...

holy crap, could be killer show

Truersound said...

not could be....WOULD be!