Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday at NXNE

Here are some of the bands I am going to try to see tonight. Realistically, its already been a long day, and I may just plop my sorry ass down at Lee's Palace all night.

Andy Kim, Lee's Palace
Did you know that Andy Kim wrote a bunch of hits in the 60s and 70s? Me neither.

The Besnard Lakes, Mod Club Theatre
My friends want me to go to this one, but I'll probably go to....

Justin Rutledge, Oh Susanna, Danny Michel, Lee's Palace
I've seen all of these artists on their own, but this trio really intrigues me.

Danny Michel - If God's on Your Side.mp3
Buy: Feather, Fur and Fin (2008)

Andy Maize, Amelia Curran, Royal Wood, Lee's Palace
Another inspiring country trio.

Zeus, Rivoli
How long before this band is huge?

Zeus - Marching Through Your Head.mp3
Buy: Say Us (2010)

Jim Cuddy, Hawksley Workman, Colleen Brown, Lee's Palace
This trio will be epic.

The Warped 45s, El Mocambo (Main Floor)
I saw these guys open from the Drive-By Truckers last November, and they were really good.

The Warped 45s - Trestle for a Train.mp3
Buy: 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan (2009)

Rock Plaza Central, Gladstone Hotel Ballroom
I don't know this band very well, but they are supposed to put on one hell of a live show.

Elliott BROOD, The Horseshoe Tavern
They are back in July with Calexio, which will be a fantastic show.

The Beauties, Lee's Palace
Just released their first album, which is getting rave reviews.

Oh My Darling, Cadillac Lounge
A country quartet of women. Sounds right up my alley.

The Strange Boys, Silver Dollar Room
Austin, Texas, based rockers look like they are a lot of fun.

The Stables, Comfort Zone
"Traditional country three-part harmonies. Matchless energy." I don't know this band, but they could be awesome.

The Warped 45s, Lee's Palace
If I am spend the night at Lee's, I might as well stay until the bitter end.

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Jason Verwey said...

Hi :) We met on Thursday night at Lee's. Here are the photos from the show in case you want to use any of them. Take care.