Saturday, June 26, 2010

Congratulations Grelly!

A bunch of my friends went to Edgefest 2006, at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto. My friend G accidentally got sort of really, really fucking wasted before the headliners, Our Lady Peace, could take the stage. My friends, including G's girlfriend K, dragged G's sorry carcass back to our apartment complex and put G to bed, with a trail of puke marking the path from Ontario Place to 50 Steph. (Yeah, we all lived in the same building, just like a bad version of Friends. Or maybe a good version, with lots of sex, drugs, and booze). Here's the kicker: despite G's nastiness and embarrassment, and making K miss the show, she didn't even break up with him! And today they are getting hitched. Congratulations Grelly! I wish you a lifetime of happiness in cleaning up each other's vomit.

Our Lady Peace - Naveed/Life.mp3
Buy (MP3 only): Live from Calgary and Edmonton (2003)

Note: I'm a pacifist by nature, but if any of you G20 protester dirt-bags fuck with my friend's wedding today, I will kick your ass!

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SteveA said...

Love is Blindness (U2 - Achtung Baby)!