Sunday, August 30, 2009

NxEW podcast is a Canadian music blog which I very occasionally contribute to. They put out a really great weekly podcast of various Canadian indie music artists (i.e. no Nickleback or Shania Twain allowed). The podcasts span many different genres of music. If you are interested in up-and-coming artists on the Canadian music scene, please check out these podcasts.

This week's podast (#18) is dancy and funky. Last week's (#17) had a more roots and folk feel. Podcast 17 has Feist and Constantines doing "Islands in the Stream," which is very amusing. A few of the featured songs from Poadcast 18:

The Islands
- No You Don't.mp3

The D'Urbervilles - Worst Case Ontario (ft. New Slang).mp3

Download or listen to all of the NxEW podcasts here.

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