Saturday, August 15, 2009

Never Mind

No, not the Nirvana album. A lyric from this song by The Replacements is from where Jim Walsh takes the title of his book The Replacements: "All Over But the Shouting," An Oral History (2007). Pleased to Meet Me was essentially recorded as a trio; lead guitarist Bob Stinson had been kicked out of the band allegedly due to his drug and alcohol abuse. It was also the first time The 'Mats recorded an album outside of their native Minneapolis. They recorded in Memphis with producer Jim Dickinson who had produced albums for Big Star, a band that was hugely influential on the songwriting style of Paul Westerberg. The album cover is a clear representation of a working class band sucking up to a large record label (in this case, Warner Brothers).

Dickinson inserted horns, strings, and "oohs and aahs" into some of the songs, giving the album a very slick feel, in my opinion. To quote drummer Chris Mars from Walsh's book:
Up to Pleased to Meet Me, no one told anyone what to do. We would suggest things and were very democratic. Until then, we just went in and did what we did, and let it rip. Then, the last couple, it started getting, "You should do this beat" - people telling you that to do, so that kinda sucked. (p. 195)
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Buy: Pleased to Meet Me (1987, reissued with bonus tracks 2008)

Aquarium Drunkard has a really nice recent post on the song "Can't Hardly Wait." This song was originally recorded during the Tim sessions, but not officially released until Pleased to Meet Me, two years later. The first release of this song has horns and strings in the background, while other versions that were officially released on the Tim and Please to Meet Me 2008 CD reissues have different lyrics, and different electric and/or acoustic guitar mixes. And this year Justin Townes Earle released a countrified cover of the song. Just try getting his mandolin melody out of your head!


LD said...

Eerie timing. Jim Dickinson died today.

Tualla said...

RIP Jim.

Aimz - Going to the Carolyn Mark/One Hundred Dollars/Sunbear show at the Horseshoe this Wednesday. I'll have the expense account ready and am not afraid to use it.

- T

Rockstar Aimz said...

Totally eerie timing. I was also recently discussing "Paris, Texas." Didn't know that he scored that film with Ry Cooder. Weird.

T, I'll see you Wed. night!

Angie said...

Eerie indeed. Pleased to Meet Me was one of the albums that changed my life as far as listening to music goes.