Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Feel Bad For You Comp

The mother of all comps. From our friends at Enjoy!

The photo is from a family vacation near LaFollette, Tennessee. Kona the Chocolate Lab leads the chase, but Mikey the Boston Terrier in his personal flotation device will eventually get the tennis ball. I hope I am reincarnated as a dog and I get to spend my next life chasing tennis balls all day.

1. Ben Lee - Away With The Pixies.mp3
From: Grandpaw Would (1995, out of print)

2. Bryn Loosley - "The Wrecker"
The Wrecker (2008)

3. Todd Snider - "Travelin' Light"
A Case For Case: A Tribute to the Songs of Peter Case (2006)

4. Ben E. King - Supernatural Thing.mp3
From: Supernatural Thing (1975, out of print)

5. Rancid - "Civilian Ways"
Let The Dominoes Fall (2009)

6. Steve Goodman - "Yellow Coat"
Steve Goodman (1972)

7. Cheekyboy - Smells Like Compton (NWA vs. Nirvana).mp3
From: Best of Bootie (2005, click link for download info)

8. Loo & Placido - Black Beatles (Beatles vs. Black-Eyed Peas vs. Ludacris vs. Kelis).mp3
From: Best of Bootie (2005, click link for download info)

9. The Builders and The Butchers - "Raise Up Your Weary Hands"
Salvation is a Deep Dark Well (2009)

10. Truckstop Coffee - "Ghost or an Angel"
For Dear Life (2009)

11. The Replacements - "Within Your Reach"
Hootenanny (1984)

12. Bahamas - "Already Yours"
Pink Strat (2009)

13. Sunparlour Players - "Battle of 77"
Wave North (2009)

14. Frank Turner - "Substitute"
Love Ire & Song (2009)

15. Jon Snodgrass feat. Cory Branan - Wild One.mp3
Buy (Suburban Home Records): Jon Snodgrass and Cory Branan (2009, limited edition vinyl)

16. Kathleen Edwards - Moneytalks.mp3
From: Live From the Bowery Ballroom (2003, bootleg)

17. Chris Knight - "Blame Me"
Trailer Tapes II (2009)

Note: 18-23: These songs are all directly/indirectly associated with Tom Wilson.
18. Junkhouse - The Kitchen Feels Like Home.mp3
From: Strays (1993, out of print)
Tom Wilson's second band, out of Hamilton, Ontario.

19. Colin James - Freedom.mp3
Buy (Maple Music): Bad Habits (1995)
Co-written with Tom Wilson. Tom performs this one live with his new band, Lee Harvey Osmond.

20. Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - Blackie & the Rodeo King.mp3
From: High Or Hurtin' (1996, out of print)
Tom's other band (with Stephen Fearing and Colin Linden). Band name taken from a Willie P. Bennett song. Bennett died at age 57 in 2008. Great Canadian songwriter.

21. Skydiggers - "The Truth About Us"
Desmond's Hip City (1997)
Josh Finlayson and Andy Maize are part of Tom's new band, Lee Harvey Osmond. This song was written by a friend of the band, Scott Garbe. Written from the perspective of Lee Harvey Oswald's Russian wife.

22. Tom Wilson/Bob Lanois - "Kids"
The Shack Recordings (2005)
Recorded with Daniel Lanois' brother Bob in a shack in Waterdown, Ontario, which is part of Hamilton, Ontario.

23. Lee Harvey Osmond - "Parkland"
A Quiet Evil (2009)
This song, again written by Scott Garbe. You'll know what it's about when you listen to it. This album is flying under the radar and that's a damn shame.

24. Doc Watson - The Train That Carried My Girl From Town.mp3
Buy: The Doc Watson Family (1990)

25. The Felice Brothers - "Greatest Show on Earth"
The Felice Brothers (2008)

26. Abner Jay - "St. James Infirmary Blues"
True Story of Abner Jay (2009)

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toomuchcountry said...

Now THAT's a way to start a Friday. Good tunes. Picture from my home state. And the visual of a big dog having the time of his life. Who knew floppy ears could serve as aeronautical devices!