Friday, June 12, 2009

Teenage Dirtbag

I got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby.
Come with me Friday, don't say maybe.
I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby, like you.

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag.mp3
Buy (MP3 only): Wheatus (2000)

Irons Maiden - Number of the Beast.mp3
Buy: The Number of the Beast (1982, reissued 2002)


Garrick said...

Love both these songs. Nothing better than Iron Maiden on the radio while driving in to work. 20 years out and I'm still a dirtbag. UP THE IRONS!

hippie said...

Funny! I had a friend in Lake Louise who would always make a shifter motion with her hand during the "I-Roc" line in the Wheatus song. Thanks for the memories, although I'm not sure I needed to hear that song again.