Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Closer to the Heart

I just saw the Trailer Park Boys episode where Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson of Rush and takes him back to the trailer park so that Alex can jam with Bubbles. Hysterical! One of the funniest Trailer Park Boys episodes ever. The downside is that now I feel like listening to Rush. Ha ha ha!

Here is Bubbles playing with Rush. For some reason that dude from the Barenaked Ladies is in this video too. No clue why. Check out Neil Peart's bad-ass drum set!

Closer to the Heart.mp3

Actually, this is my favorite Rush song:

Time Stand Still.mp3

The Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987


hippie said...

Thanks for this!!! Love RUSH. Was just coveting my Rush mirror at the cottage this weekend.

Bubbles (Mike Smith) used to play in a band called Sandbox.

My favourite RUSH song is Red Barchetta. (today anyway)

toomuchcountry said...

As a lonnnnggg time listener of Rush and owner of pretty much all their official releases and about 300 boots, I offer a mighty "thanks eh" for this. As for me, I think Analog Kid is my fave tune.