Friday, April 17, 2009

Lucero Show

Lucero played at the Horseshoe on Sunday night, and my folks were in town for the Easter holiday so I was debating whether to go to the show after they went to bed. Thanks for the advice good buddies, but I did not go. I was cleaning up from dinner after my folks hit the hay, when I looked up to see that it was 10:15pm, and Lucero was scheduled to go on at 10:30. If I had busted my butt I could have made it in time, but I decided to relax, have a beer at home, and skip the show. Did anyone out there go to it? I haven't seen any reviews from it yet.

Here's another Lucero track that I love. The narrator welcomes his buddy back from a tour of duty, presumably in Iraq, and he offers to sleep in his car so his army buddy can get laid. Now that's a good friend! Ben Nichols frequently writes songs about people joining the army, or people being involved in some type of military service. I don't know very much about Mr. Nichols. Was he ever in the military? Or maybe some members of family? Or does he just have great reverence for people who defend their countries? Regardless, he has written some great songs about people in the military, and here is one of my favorites.

On the Way Back Home.mp3
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Anonymous said...

Ben's Grandfather was in WWII. The song "The War" is based on stories about him even though as I have read Ben did not know him that well before he passed away.