Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lucero Conundrum

Lucero is playing in Toronto on Sunday night, April 12. I love this band. LOVE this band.

My parents will be in town on Sunday night and are staying over. What should I do? They will be in bed by the time the band goes on, but they will be pissed off if I ditch them and go (even if they are asleep). And, they will probably want to have an early breakfast, which means that I will either be really hungover or still drunk from the night before.

Help me gentle readers. What should I do?

I Don't Wanna Be the One.mp3
Buy: Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers (2006)

Last Night in Town.mp3
Buy: Nobody's Darlings (2005)

Ain't So Lonely.mp3
Buy: Tennessee (2002)

Kiss the Bottle.mp3
Jawbreaker cover which they usually do live. Recorded in Knoxville, Tennessee, May, 2004.


simon2307 said...

Go, but maybe skip a couple of beers, Lucero live FFS!

Blair said...

One of my all time favorite must go....MUST..seen them twice...your soul will thank you!

PKL said...

Hang out with yer parents, keep 'em up late chatting, maybe even get THEM a little drunk. Find things in them you like almost as much as Lucero, and tell them. You will see Lucero many, many more times, but your parents will be dead before you are, likely, and you will miss them then. If I sound like a parent, that's because I am.

On the other hand, if your parents are of the truly dreadful sort, disregard the advice above and see the show. If not, give 'em a break. They need your love and attention now in the way you once needed theirs.