Monday, July 16, 2012

This Week in Boston

It's a killer week for live music in Boston. Check this out:

Monday - July 16
Elizabeth Cook with Tim Carroll at Club Passim in Cambridge. I wrote about Cook a few days ago. I'm really looking forward to this show. Tickets are $15 at the door.

Tuesday - July 17
I went to your school and I did my detention, but the walls were so gray I couldn't pay attention.
That's right, one of my top five live bands is in town Tuesday night. The Hold Steady at the Royale! Tickets are $20. And it's going to be hotter than balls tomorrow in Boston (seriously, record high temps expected), so it may be double whiskey, Coke, double ice for me.

Wednesday - July 18
1. My homeboy Kasey Anderson is in Boston!!! He's bringing his band The Honkies to Cafe 939. The Wandas and The Rationales also perform - both of these highly rated bands are local to Boston and both have free stuff on their websites.

2. Not a gig, but movies!!! The Brattle theater is having a double feature of Color Me Impressed: a Film About the Replacements (6:45 screening) and What Did You Expect? Archers of Loaf Live at Cat's Cradle. The double feature is $15, or each show is $10. The Replacements doc will be follow by a Q & A with director Gorman Bechard. Actually, Bechard directed both films.

Thursday - July 19
Well, Aerosmith is in town, at the Gahden, but I would rather watch the Weather Channel.

Friday - July 20
Refused with OFF! at the House of Blues. I have never seen Refused, but I saw OFF! open for Dinosaur Jr. last year and they were killer! Refused is a Swedish hardcore punk band who originally broke up in 1998. I believe that this Boston stop is part of their reunion tour. OFF! is a hardcore punk super group from Los Angeles featuring former members of the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Burning Brides, Redd Kross, Rocket from the Crypt, and Hot Snakes. Now that's a lot of punk.

OFF! - Fuck People
Buy: OFF! (2012)

Saturday - July 21
Sleep off the hangover. It's been a long week. Or get your prog rock on with Yes at Bank of America Pavilion.

Sunday- July 22
This show is all kinds of sold out, but if you can find a ticket make sure to hit the Gaslight Anthem with Dave Hause opening at the Middle East. I saw the Gaslight Anthem about two years ago, and they totally lived up to the hype. A GREAT live act. Their new album Handwritten is out next week. If you are reading this post on Monday, they are live streaming their show tonight at 10:15pm! Dave Hause is the opener for Gaslight, and I have seen him twice in the last year. He's kind of a punk rock folk singer. So, so good.

Dave Hause - Pray for Tuscon
Buy: Resolutions (2011)

Did I miss anyone?

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