Sunday, July 8, 2012

Frank Turner vs. Nicki Minaj fans

Today I witnessed the second funniest thing I have ever seen on twitter (the first being Neko Case pondering why women musicians aren't propositioned at their shows). There was a big music festival in Scotland this weekend called T in the Park, and both Frank Turner and Nicki Minaj were to perform on the same day (random, polar opposite acts, I know. Who's the booking agent for this festival?). Apparently Minaj and her people were incredibly rude to the T in the Park staff and stage crew.

(Frank Turner's Band)

In addition to her being mean to the staff and stage crew, Minaj showed up up 55 minutes late for her set, and apparently gave a very lackluster performance followed by a lot of booing from the audience.

Of course, Minaj's fans then attacked Turner via twitter...

I'm with Frank on this one. I wouldn't know Nicki Minaj's music if she walked into my apartment and put it on my turntable.

Here are some haterz that Frank retweeted...


Of course, the question I must now know is whether Nicki Minaj gets propositioned after her sets, even if she is mean to the stage crew.

I had to go out and run some errands in the middle of the Minaj fans vs. Turner twitter war, and the below song was on the radio (WFNX, 101.7 in Boston) when I started my car. Sadly, FNX is being turned into conservative talk radio featuring the likes of Glen Beck and that neo-facsist a-hole Rush Limbaugh. I would rather have a station of 24/7 Nicki Minaj.

I Still Believe
Buy: England Keep My Bones (2011)

I don't know anything about Minaj, but Frankie T. puts on one of the best live shows that you will see. I saw him and his band on my birthday at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA, last fall, and it was so killer. He's back in Boston on Sept 6 and 7 at the Royale.

MONDAY UPDATE: Frank wrote a blog post about this incident on his web site. Good stuff Frank!

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cowbelle said...

Awesome. Frank Turner is a treasure.