Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Weight

I know I rip on Wilco a lot, but this is pretty damn good. Mavis Staples leads Nick Lowe and Wilco in their rendition of The Band's classic "The Weight" backstage at the Civic Opera House in Chicago in December 2011.

Also watch the killer original from the best concert film of all time, 1973's The Last Waltz. A young Mavis Staples wails out the second verse. I love the comment on the youtube page that says, "Rick Danko looks like a little bit like what I imagine 'Crazy Chester' looks like, especially when singing his part." Danko rocks the bad-ass fretless bass.


boilingboy said...

Do you rag on Wilco a lot? I must say I think they are massively overated; and that includes the holy Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Very few seem to share that sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Each great versions in their own right. It pains me to see to see The Last Waltz though because that doc did a huge disservice to Levon Helm in deemphasizing his role, and lifting up Robbie Robertson. Should have been more balanced. Love me some Levon.