Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Feel Bad For You

Your monthly Feel Bad For You comp from forum members, bloggers, twitterers, and other misanthropes. As always, drunken rambling comments encouraged. Stream below:

1. Gregg Allman - "I Can’t Be Satisfied"
Low Country Blues (2011)
Having wasted most of his career drunk and high, I feel Gregg has made a fine soulful album. This version of a Muddy Waters classic is a good example.

2. Mount Carmel -Still Listening.mp3
Buy: Mount Carmel (2010) (2010)
Free-incarnation [shoot me now, I just said "free-incarnation"].

3. New Mongrels - "Skin and Bone"
Big Cup of Empty (1998)
Phil Norman
I have an undying love for the songwriter scene of Atlanta in the 1990s. The New Mongrels were its super-group. Haynes Brooke got together folks like the Indigo Girls, Big Fish Ensemble, Caroline Aiken, Michelle Malone, Gerard McHugh, and DeDe Vogt to do his songs. Genius!

4. Have Gun Will Travel - "Soles of Our Shoes"
Postcards From the Friendly City (2010)
Autopsy IV
The Tampa Bay area is gonna be making a pretty strong showing at SxSW this year and one of my favorites, Have Gun WIll Travel, is making the trip. This is one of my personal favorite tracks of their album, Postcards From The Friendly City.

5. Nothington - Where I Stand.mp3
Buy: All In (2007)
I like to rock out to this.

6. Verbow - Dying Sun
White Out (2000)
One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. Criminally overlooked. If you like this one, I put up a compilation at – check it out.

7. Fitz & The Tantrums - "Money Grabber"
Pickin’ Up the Pieces (2010)
District Noise
Okay, it’s hipster soul. But I don’t care.

8. Hey Negrita - Lust & Bones.mp3
Buy: The Buzz Above (2006)
Beat Surrender
Thought I go with a UK band this time around, love pretty much all of Hey Negrita’s work some fantastic tunes, this is a favourite from their second album The Buzz Above released in 2006. Wiki tags them as “English Country Blues” whatever that is.

9. Geto Boys - "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta"
Office Space Soundtrack (1999)
I’ve been so overwhelmed with moving to a new state (country?) and starting a new job that I have hardly listened to any new music this year. But I always make time for Office Space.

10. The Most Beautiful Losers - "First Love"
Midnight Piranha Brothers (2011)
This album just came out and makes me long for keg parties and warm weather and being 16 again. You should check it out.

11. Jim Roll - "Train"
Ready to Hang (1998)
I first heard this song on a sampler disc titled The Sound of One Man Clapping. The song led me to seek out Roll’s full CD, Ready to Hang. I then got his second release, Lunette. It turns out Lunette was produced by Walter Salas-Humara of The Silos – a fave of mind for years. Tennessee has a a pattern of rough storms and constant weather alerts in during March – including the ever-present guidance to listen for the sound of a train as an indicator of a tornado (or it could just be at train). So this cut seemed appropriate for March’s FBFY comp.

12. The Rolling Stones - "Blood Red Wine"
Acoustic Motherfuckers Bootleg

13. Ghost Shirt - "History of the Radio"
Domestique (2010)
Corey Flegel
Sweet, bombastic-y, swirly awesomeness by our pals from Columbus, Ohio.

14. Jason D. Williams - You Look Like I Could Use A Drink.mp3
Buy: Killer Instincts (2010)
Mike Orren
What was supposed to be a covers album by the man rumored to be Jerry Lee Lewis’ kid turned into an original disc of songs by Todd Snider (who produced) and supported by Dan Baird. Just plain fun, but a little bit dark too.

15. Danny Gatton - "The Simpsons"
88 Elmira St. (1991)
In my top 5 of all time for guitarists. Saw him around this time and I feel lucky that I did. Amazing player, so under appreciated.

16. Duane Jarvis - "A Girl that’s Hip"
Far From Perfect
Saw Todd Snider last week and Tim Carroll opened up for him, Tim played this song that he had co-written with Duane as a tribute.

17. Manowar - Black Wind, Fire and Steel.mp3
Buy (mp3 only $5 at Amazon): Fighting the World (1987)
Guaranteed win if you mention this band in a list of bad hair metal bands.

18. Great Lake Swimmers - "I Will Never See The Sun"
Great Lake Swimmers (2005)
Beautiful song. Oldie but a goodie. This is a hell of an underrated band.

19. Slithering Beast - "Trouble Coming Down the Road"
Delicious EP (2011)
Might be my favorite song off the new EP. Killer guitar hook over the minor chord.

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