Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Sadies on New Years Eve

The first time I saw The Sadies was on New Years Eve in 2006. I was with this really hot dude, and I spent the entire show - both the 11:30 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. sets - looking like this (actual photo):
Mind. Blown.

And I never saw that hot dude again.

Since 12/31/2006, I have seen the Sadies at least 10 times. Their records are good, but their live shows are unbelievable. They are easily my favorite live Canadian artist, and in my top five of all live touring acts.

I rolled into 2010 with the Sadies again this year, and it was no different. Kick fucking ass! Even my recovering-metalhead buddy Dan commented on how amazing brothers Dallas and Travis Good are on their geetars. Dallas announced that they have a new album that should be released in May (yipee!), and they played a few tracks from the upcoming release. I was drinking and didn't catch the track names, but they sounded more twangy than their last album, New Seasons. I love me some twang.

And it wouldn't be a Sadies show if they didn't bring the rest of the family along. Dallas and Travis' mom Margaret sang a few tunes, father Bruce sang and played the harmonica, and cousin Darcy played a mean fiddle. I loved watching Ma and Pa Good shake their heads and roll their eyes at their boys, especially as Dallas is cursing up storm on the countdown to midnight.

My only complaint about the night was that it was hotter than fuck inside of the Horseshoe Tavern. It was unseasonably warm that night, and the 'Shoe didn't compensate by turning down the heat or starting the overhead fans. I can't imagine how the musicians made it without fainting. I had to leave before the end of the show. There is only so much Bud Light one can drink to rehydrate.

Anna Leigh.mp3
Buy: New Seasons (2007)

Rat Creek.mp3
Buy: In Concert, Vol. 1 (2006)


LD said...

So damn jealous. One of these days I'm coming to Toronto to see the Sadies on their home turf! And a new album??? 2010 is already kicking major ass.

Anonymous said...

Who was this 2006 hot guy???