Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Matt Berninger: Sexiest Voice in Indie Rock

I've been reading a lot of other people's "Best of the Decade" lists and I've seen a lot of very good albums mentioned (especially that Slobberbone record). One that I keep seeing mentioned over and over again is Alligator by The National. I hopped onto The National bandwagon late, so I don't really have an opinion on Alligator, but I do know that The National lead singer Matt Berninger has the sexiest voice of the decade. Even my heterosexual male friends swoon when they hear him sing. He doesn't have the greatest vocal range (see "Sleep All Summer" below), but he does have a deep, rich baritone which makes me weak in the knees. Plus, he's a hell of a song writer, and his band is incredible. Sexy voice + strong songwriting + killer band = Aimz in indie rock nirvana.

" voice has been [compared] to every different type of whiskey."
- Matt Berninger, 2007 interview with the AV Club all know how I feel about the dark liquors.

The National is a releasing a yet-to-be-name album sometime this spring.

Lucky You.mp3

Lit Up.mp3

Start a War.mp3
From: Live at KEXP Vol. 4 (2008, out of print)

Sleep All Summer.mp3 (Crooked Fingers cover, with St. Vincent)


Anonymous said...

Song for song, I think the Boxer outshines Alligator. Sexiest voice in indie rock? Yes, definitely a contender :) Stage presence gets a gold star too!

'Xander said...

what a great sound, lyrically and vocally they have a really nice vibe..

LoveAndStuff said...

He's a contender for sexiest male voice, for sure, but I'd vote for Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade / Handsome Furs.