Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day in America
This is how it’s supposed to be

Let’s remember our fallen heroes

In the land of the free

This track perfectly describes Memorial Day in the Rockstar family of my youth. Have a good one, and remember that some of us ex-pats have to work today. So you down south, keep it down!

James McMurtry
- Memorial Day.mp3
Buy: Childish Things (2005)
Brilliant album from an even more brilliant songwriter. Purchase this one pronto!

You can't take my pride, cause I'm a fuckin' soldier!

Let's also remember our right to dissent against the man! I love this song. Indie hip-hop is alive and well my friends!

The Perceptionists - Memorial Day.mp3
Buy: Black Dialogue (2005)


Blair said...

Beautiful song...I love Mr McMurtry....still waiting patiently for my Plaskett review :-)

LD said...

I could be off by a day, but I'm almost positive James McMurtry came into my work (Torchy's Tacos in Austin) on Memorial Day. Never heard this song before, so that's doubly weird.