Saturday, January 24, 2009

People Got a Lotta Nerve

I just found out that Neko Case and our friends over at the Anti-Label Blog will donate $5 for every blog that posts Case's first single off of her new album, and $1 for every add on iLike, to the Best Friends Animal Society (through Feb. 3). Since, in general, I like animals a lot more than I like people, I am happy to help out! Best Friends also runs an animal sanctuary in Angel Canyon, Utah, that is staffed with trainers and veterinarians who rehabilitate and heal abused animals. The sanctuary recently received a lot of media attention for successfully rehabilitating several of the Pit Bull Terriers rescued from ex-NFL star Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. Over the holidays I saw a compelling documentary on the National Geographic Channel on how the dogs were rehabbed, and the December 29 issue of Sports Illustrated (above, right) features a cover story about the Pit Bull's new lives. I live in a small apartment in a high rise and I think it is mean to keep a dog locked up 18 stories in the sky with no place to roam around, so I will just brag about my "niece" -my brother's English Sheppard, Lucy (left). Here she is getting a bath after a wonderful day of running amok on a farm.

Ms. Case also states on her web site to stop buying puppies from puppy mills such as the ones that Petland uses. I agree. Thanks Neko!

Neko Case - People Got a Lotta Nerve.mp3
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