Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blame it on Gravity

Since I am on a huge Old 97's kick right now, here are two from their most recent album.

No Baby I.mp3
Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue.mp3
(Damn, this is such a good song. Someone in Nashville like Tim McGraw should pick this song up, pay Murry Hammond some royalties, and put it on the radio.)
Buy: Blame It On Gravity (2008)


Mark said...

I love Old 97's...Blame It On Gravity made my year-end list--easily. "Here's to the Halcyon" rules.

C. Greene said...

Not sure I would pick Tim McGraw... he sort of ruined Bruce Robison's "Angry All The Time" by making it sound like a country-pop song. It kind of lost it's sad connotation when he did it...