Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He Was a Friend of Mine

About two years ago my brother got to dog sit for a friend while his friend took a six month job in Australia. We never had dogs or any pets (except fish) growing up, but we have always been animals lovers. I met Rocco, an American Eskimo, for the first time over Thanksgiving in 2006, and I was immediately in love with him. He was faithful, and friendly, and goofy - everything you would want in a pet. I was ready to adopt an Eskie when I returned home. I saw him again over Easter weekend, and then in April when his owners brought him to brunch after my brother's wedding. I found out today that over the weekend Rocco went to the big dog house in the sky at the ripe old age of 14. RIP Rocco! I hope doggy heaven is full of lots of things to lick!

Bob Dylan - He Was A Friend Of Mine.mp3
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Garrick said...

Sorry to hear about Rocco's departure. Never happy news to hear of a good dog's passing. I can't download at work, so I played John Hiatt's "My Dog and Me". I'll download tonight and give Marvin extra skritches tonight.